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1. Filling in the brief and sending the documents.

1.1. The list of required documents:
(pdf or better – dwg, if available)

• facades
• sections
• floor plans
• roof plan

• site plan
• list of finishing
• materials and colours
• 3D model if available

2. Questions on the submitted materials and issuing of
the Commercial Proposal. Signing of the Agreement (if needed).


3. Delivery of white draft images

to choose the required angles:

• minimum of details, the draft image just to discuss the angle;
• 2 rounds of comments are free of charge.

4. Delivery of colored
draft images:

• coloured images with post-production,

2500 pixels wide;
• 2 rounds of comments are free of charge.


5. Delivery of final high-resolution images (5000 pixels wide)

• In case you need to change anything after the final image is delivered, that will be charged 20 Euro/hour

• beginning with the 3rd round of comments for each step of work;
• the following work on the project if the materials of the Client are changed in the course of work

• the rate for the additional comments/work: 25 Euro/hour.

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